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Cot Bumper in Singapore

Designed primarily for newborn babies, cot bumpers offer protection from bumps and accidents. If you have a baby on the way, consider a cot bumper for your baby’s bed to keep your little bub safe and secure. Fluffy, comfortable and soft, these bumpers have been part of the shopping list of baby essentials for decades in Singapore.

Not all cot bumpers are created equal - low quality versions can feel scratchy and uncomfortable, or even become a serious sleep hazard for very small babies. Some of these products do not provide adequate air flow, leading to overheating or suffocation. At Palette Box, we carry a range of baby bed bumpers that go through strict safety testing to ensure that your baby is protected throughout.

100% Cotton & Breathable

For parents looking for a complete set of matching bedding accessories, you may wish to consider the MOOB Baby 10-Pieces Splendid Times Bedding Set. With an impressive number of sleeping accessories, you’ll have all you need to help your baby sleep better. Made with 100% cotton and silk wool, the entire collection is breathable and soft. Some other features include 360-degree safe edges and removable covers for easy washing.

When sleeping in a cot with bedding accessories, it’s always important to ensure that there is nothing covering your baby’s face, and that he is sleeping in a face-up position to prevent suffocation.

Like Sleeping in a Womb

For something a little more portable, opt for a baby nest with a bumper instead. The MOOB Baby Raccoon Baby Nest is a unique baby product that aims to replicate the feeling of being back in mum’s womb and encourage better sleeping habits. Designed for babies between 0 and 24 months of age, this innovative product includes an all-round bumper. The Baby Nest is made of natural latex and coconut fibre, offering a comfortable and secure space for your little one to nap, play and have diaper changes. This versatile baby lounger can also be used almost anywhere due to its compact size. With a 3D honeycomb design for better ventilation, your baby will be happy and relaxed.

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Made for all kinds of lifestyles and requirements, Palette Box offers a comprehensive range of baby products such as baby cot bumpers for parents in Singapore. Find out what our happy customers have to say about their experience when shopping with us today.

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