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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before finalizing your order. By placing an order or making a purchase at Palette Box, you agree to our terms and conditions of sale stated below 

  • Payment:
    1. Deposit:
      1. For order of a product, you shall pay to us in advance a deposit of minimal 50% of the price of the product. At all times where a Product remains undelivered, you are required to maintain with us the Deposit for that Product.
      2. The deposit shall be non-refundable otherwise expressly provided herein.
      3. Deposits will be forfeited if Product(s) are not delivered or collected within 6 months from invoice date. Palette Box will have full discretion to dispose of that Product(s) by any means to cover expenses incurred.
      4. The ownership of a Product shall only pass to you upon our receipt of the Price of the Product (which shall include the GST thereon) as stated in the Invoice. Until we receive full payment of the Price of the Product, the ownership of the Product shall remain vested with us.
      5. In the event that a Product is undercharged by us for any reason whatsoever, we shall have the right to:-
        1. Request from you the difference between the actual price of that Product (which shall include the GST thereon) and the Price of the Product; and
        2. Issue you an additional invoice for the said difference or to revise/amend the Invoice to take into account the said difference.
      6. Delivery:
        1. All delivery dates given by us (whether stated in the Invoice or otherwise) are approximate only. We shall not be responsible and shall not accept any liability for not being able to deliver a Product within the specified time resulting from any unforeseeable circumstances and/or shipment/delivery delays from our suppliers.
          1. All kids furniture lead time are 12-16 weeks unless stated otherwise
          2. All mattress (preordered/customized) lead time are 4-8 weeks unless stated otherwise
          3. We reserve the right to change any delivery date/time should there be any unforeseen circumstances
          4. All deliveries and/or reschedule deliveries for all purchases are chargeable unless stated otherwise (Retail, events, online).
            1. Delivery charges per trip: $30 (without installation); $58 (baby cot with installation); $180 (bed frame with installation)
            2. You will bear reschedule delivery charge of equal amount incurred should you due to any circumstances is not present to receive the goods at the provided delivery address on the scheduled delivery time.
            3. For delivery arrangement, you will need to arrange with us 2 weeks in advance. There will be a surcharge of additional $80 on top of prevailing delivery charges for any urgent delivery.
            4. For any furniture items purchased, it is your duty to ensure the item can be delivered to you via elevator/staircase.
            5. Delivery via staircase charges for any furniture item (box/carton/assembled/unassemble): $10 per item per floor
            6. Our delivery team deliver during Monday to Friday 10am till 6pm. We may deliver at other times where it is mutually convenient to do so; however we are not obliged to. Surcharges apply for after office hours and Saturday delivery without installation.
              1. After office hours and Saturday delivery including surcharges per trip: $50 (without installation)
              2. You are to ensure correct delivery address to be provided to us in advance, failed delivery due to wrong delivery address and/or any last minute changes to deliver to another address is chargable according to prevailing delivery fees.
              3. Balance payment have to be paid in full upon delivery. Palette Box reserves the right to charge 1.5% late payment interest per month on unpaid balance payment. Ownership and legal title of any items supplied shall remain vested with us until full payment has been made (as defined with Payment Point 2 above)
              4. All installation/assembly for all purchases are chargeable unless stated otherwise (Retail, events, online).
              5. All delivery and/or installation charges will not form part of your purchased items price and are non refundable under any circumstances.
              6. Return/Refund/Exchange:
                1. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, we shall not accept the return or exchange of a Product which has been delivered or collected after 7 days unless it is with our prior consent and agreement. Only a return or exchange authorised by us will be accepted and our acceptance of any return or exchange of a Product (as defined with Return/Refund/Exchange Point 2 below) shall be subject to such terms and conditions as we may prescribe at our sole and absolute discretion.
                2. Items should be unused, undamaged, in a resalable condition and with it's original packaging fully intact.
                3. All customised items, made-to-order items, floor models, and sale items orders from retail, events, fairs or online cannot be cancelled after 7 days from the date of purchase.
                4. Any refund will be returned in full of the amount you have paid after deducting the delivery costs (as defined with Delivery Point 7)
                  1. The cost of return transportation is at your own expense .
                  2. Free delivery and/or installation is given with good faith and does not apply with Return/Refund/Exchange policy. You can return, refund or exchange products but not service rendered.
                  3. Palette Box will process the refund at the earliest possible and reserves the right to change the mode of refund.
                  4. Palette Box refund process based on our payment cycle around 3-4 weeks.
                  5. Palette Box has the full discretion to assess if the product condition is deemable for return or exchange.
                  6. We do not accept returns of bed sheets, pillows, bolsters, mattress protector, bolster protector, pillow protector etc. that has been removed from their original packaging, used, stained, torn, washed or with traces of fragrance or odours.
                  7. Liability:
                    1. Palette Box shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever that may occur through the misuse, alteration or faulty assembly of any of its products.
                    2. Our said warranty shall only apply to a Product that is used in the manner it was intended for. Where a Product is not used for its intended purpose, our said warranty for the Product will be voided and we will not accept any liability for any damages to the Product.
                    3. Palette Box warrant to you that any Products from us are of satisfactory quality or better at competitive pricing.
                    4. All customer claims and disputes are strictly limited to, and shall not exceed, the price of the purchased items in question.
                    5. Unless otherwise stated, all products warranty will be covered by the respective brand supplier.
                    6. Governing Law
                      1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the law of Singapore. Any aspects that are not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of Singapore.

                            We have the right to revise and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time as we deem fit.

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