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Baby Pillow, Quilt & More: Bedding Accessories for Crib in Singapore

 After deciding on the type of bed for your newborn baby, the next thing to think about is the bedding accessories such as pillows or blankets. Creating a cozy environment for your baby in the crib or sleeping space helps keep him relaxed and happy. Before you start a shopping frenzy to pick out the cutest bedding accessories, consider if these products are right for you.


Contrary to popular practice, newborn babies do not really need a pillow to sleep. If you do decide to get one, you’ll need to take into account the age and requirements of your baby. If you worry about flat head syndrome - which is a cosmetic condition that causes the skull to become flatter on one side due to constant pressure - choosing a product like the MOOB Baby Anti-Flathead Latex Pillow can help. This donut-shaped pillow has an indent in the middle to help round out the head, and is also shaped for optimal orthopaedic comfort. For older babies prone to perspiration, you can also consider the King Koil Junior Microgel Pillow that draws heat away from the body, keeping them cool all night long.


While sleeping in an air-conditioned room provides reprieve from the humid climate, newborn babies can find it hard to regulate their own temperature. Using a blanket keeps your little bub warm and comforted, but heavy blankets may not be the best for very little babies due to the risk of suffocation. Instead, use a swaddle blanket to keep him snug and protected from the cold. Once your newborn baby is a little older, you can consider getting a matching bedding set for the cot like the DreamCots 8 Pieces Bedding Set. From bed sheets to pillow covers, this all-in-one collection provides everything you need while giving you great savings.


After all, babies spend most of their time feeding and sleeping. So it isn’t really a surprise that a lot of messy accidents happen within the baby cot. If you’re feeling tired of constantly washing and airing the pillows and mattresses, why not get a protector? The functional waterproof accessory is a must-have for parents who don’t wish to spend too much time cleaning soiled bedding. Our MOOB Baby Waterproof Mattress Protector is made from super-absorbent soft fabric that is treated with a unique waterproof membrane. With a high degree of breathability, it keeps your baby well-ventilated while sleeping.

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At Palette Box, you’ll find everything you need for your baby’s good night sleep all under one roof. From pillows to bolsters, and quilts to mattress protectors for cribs, we are here to take care of your babycare essentials. With over 30 years of experience serving parents in Singapore, our products from internationally renowned brands will help make your parenting journey easier.

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