5 Tips on Picking the Best Wardrobe for Your Nursery
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5 Tips on Picking the Best Wardrobe for Your Nursery

Congratulations! Expecting your new bundle of joy is a thrilling experience. It’s equally exciting to design and decorate your baby’s nursery. Even as you decide on the pleasing wall colours and curtain shades, you’d also want to think about how your desired furniture can fit into the whole design. That said, it’s important that you consider both functionality and practicality too.

Settling on a baby cot goes without saying – after all you want to make sure your little one gets all the sleep they need for a healthy growth. Aside from this, paying attention to other necessities like storage will go a long way in helping you organise your baby’s items more effectively, starting with the nursery wardrobe.

What do you look for in a good wardrobe and why are they essential?  We’ve narrowed down five important tips that can help you with your search.

1. Go for neutral colours

Choose neutral colour palettes when choosing a nursery wardrobe. With neutral hues, it’s easy to design a nursery because they are not difficult to mix and match with other furniture. You may be tempted to go for energising and inviting shades of yellow, green, pink or blue; however, your kids may outgrow these colours the moment they get past their toddler years. It’s more practical to go for nursery wardrobes in neutral hues because you can still retain the existing wardrobe without the need to purchase a new one just to cater to your child’s changing preferences. A white nursery wardrobe and drawers is your safest choice but you can also choose other neutral tones such as beige, brown, and grey, which will go well with any bedroom set your child chooses when they grow older. 

2. Check the measurements

Measure the wardrobe to check if it fits the space you’ve allotted for it in the nursery. Getting a nursery wardrobe with the correct size ensures that you’re right on track when it comes to your nursery plan. The best way to do this is to compare the measurements of your space to the actual wardrobe. Avoid getting a nursery wardrobe that’s too big, since you might not be able to fit other nursery essentials and it can restrict movement in your baby’s room. Checking the measurements is important as it helps you accurately optimise the space you have planned for the wardrobe within reasonable costs.

3. Take note of your storage needs

One of the best wardrobe design features is the storage space. You need to determine your storage needs before selecting a nursery wardrobe. What items are you planning on storing in the wardrobe? Consider the amount of space needed for your baby’s clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, medicines and even the diapers and other baby essentials. This will help you get an idea of how big or small the wardrobe should be so you can have enough room to organise  your baby’s items. 

4. Consider low-level drawers and low-hanging rods

You also need to consider low-level hanging rods and drawers. These will allow your child to reach out and select their own clothes by the time they hit their toddler years. Hanging rods that can be adjusted to your child’s height also ensures their safety. They won’t have to climb on something just to get whatever they need from their closet.

Drawers and rods can be built-in and customised into nursery wardrobes. Additional drawers and hanging rods allow you to organise your baby’s clothes and other necessities, offering you more opportunities to fully optimise the storage area. What does this mean in the long run, though? Even if you replace the cot bed with a children’s bunk bed with storage space, having a spacious and well-designed wardrobe means your kids won’t have to worry about where to place their growing number of toys, ever expanding clothes selection and other items like books, files and stationery. 

5. Choose an easy-to-clean finish

Since it’s more cost-effective to keep the wardrobe even as your growing child turns the nursery into a creative playground, you’d want to be sure you can easily clean them when they get dirty. Stains, spills, and messes are a given when kids are playing, so if you’re choosing a nursery wardrobe, you also want to consider the finish. Select a low-maintenance finish so you can easily clean and wipe any stains or smudges. An antibacterial laminated finish is recommendable; however, you can also opt for a water-resistant laminate.

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