Baby Proofing Checklist for Every Home
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Baby Proofing Checklist for Every Home

Is your little bub learning to crawl? For a baby that has just learned to move around by himself, the home presents a world of exploration and opportunities to discover new things. But is the space around him free from danger? 

A local medical study revealed that up to 45% of childhood injuries happen at home, proof that many homes may not be as safe as people think they are . Therefore, as your child grows and covers more ground, it becomes imperative to keep his environment safe by removing hazards in every corner. 

In this article, we will share ways in which you can baby proof your home in Singapore. 

1. Kitchen

Kitchens are full of sharp objects, hot surfaces, and other lurking dangers. Keep all knives and heavy objects out of reach at all times and at a high height. It is also important to make sure boiling pots and kettles are not left near the table edge to prevent accidental scalding. 

You can consider installing baby safety locks on cabinet doors to prevent your baby from accessing dangerous contents such as medications and household chemicals. Safety gates are also great at keeping your curious bub out of the kitchen at all times.

2. Living Room

Falling is part and parcel of learning how to walk, but injuries can happen during this process. Stay prepared by covering the sharp corners of your coffee table or TV console with rubber or silicone protectors. Ensure that grilles are properly installed, and curtain or blind cords are kept out of the way. 

3. Bathroom

The toilet can be a potential safety hazard, especially if the floor is constantly wet. If you can, plan for a wet-and-dry area to keep water splashes minimal to reduce slippery areas. Always keep sharp objects such as razors after use, and lock up your soaps and toothpastes. You may also wish to consider keeping the toilet lid down or invest in a toilet lid lock.

For bathrooms with bathtubs, remember to leave the drain plug open. You should also be mindful of hot-and-cold taps as young children may not be able to tell the difference.

4. Nursery or Bedroom

Apart from keeping electrical outlets away from the bed or cot, you should also be wary of heavy furniture such as a chest of drawers. Such furniture can topple when not secured properly, so always follow the installation instructions and look for furniture that can be affixed to the wall. Provide a safe area for sleep that is age appropriate - such as a cot for newborn babies. Our Pali Meggie 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot allows you to convert the cot to a toddler’s bed, a day bed, and even a full-sized bed, and is perfect for growing families. Made with top quality manufacturing, the cot uses non-toxic finishes and certified materials that meet all mandatory and voluntary safety standards. 

When choosing a suitable bed or cot, always consider the functions you may need even when your child is no longer a small baby. For growing or multiple children, choose a bunk bed that has a low height to prevent dangerous falls, such as the Manis-h Huxie Kids Bunk Bed that grows with your family. And if your baby is sleeping alone in his own room, a baby monitor is a good idea as it allows you to check in on him frequently.

Prepare Your Home for Your Baby

The steps towards creating a baby proof home may seem challenging, but your time and investment will be worthwhile. Opt for furniture that are high quality as inferior ones may end up causing more problems and do not last as long. Store common household hazards such as loose cables and heavy ornaments well, and cover all your electrical outlets to prevent your little one from sticking things in. 

What you see as a hazard may seem like just another toy for your curious baby, so use this baby proofing checklist to convert your home in Singapore into a worry-free zone. At Palette Box, we provide a wide range of furniture and accessories that are high quality and made with high manufacturing standards, keeping your family’s safety and convenience at the forefront. 

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