Best Travel Gear for Babies and Parents in Singapore
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Best Travel Gear for Babies and Parents in Singapore

Stressed about bringing out your baby for the very first time? For a new parent, bringing a newborn outdoors can be scary and daunting. Fortunately with the advent of new technology and products, today’s mums and dads have greater help than ever before. 

Singapore is an urban city that is ultra-connected with vast transportation networks and convenience. Whether you are heading for a quick shopping trip to a nearby shopping mall or going overseas, acquiring the right baby travel essentials and gear would help to lessen your stress and provide a seamless outdoors experience. But with so many different options available in the market, which one should you be getting? Here, we discuss the best travel essentials for families.


The right stroller should be comfortable for your baby and also be easy to use. If you are looking for something lightweight and fuss-free, consider an umbrella stroller like the Maclaren Volo. Or how about something that allows you to travel more efficiently - like the cabin-approved Pali Aigo

Ultimately, you should choose your stroller based on your usage type, and be sure to go for one that meets safety standards. Avoid bulky strollers that look impressive but are cumbersome and heavy as they make it difficult for you to store or lug around when out and about.

Baby Carriers

With a baby carrier, you can truly go hands free and go about your errands without the need to push a contraption around. The downside of using a baby carrier is that you’ll need to bear the weight of your baby or toddler on your body. Therefore, look for babywearing equipment that can distribute the weight evenly across your back and hip. Baby carriers like Tula are also ergonomic and are made to conform to the shape of your baby, thus putting less strain on your child’s developing body. 

Car Seats

Car seats are the only safe way to travel with children in moving vehicles. Although it is legal for children to ride in a baby carrier or sling if you are travelling in a cab, placing your child in a suitable restraint is not only much safer, but makes the ride more enjoyable for both the caregiver and child. 

Under Singapore law, all passengers below 1.35m must use an approved restraint when travelling in a car. When selecting the right car seat, it is important to take note of your child’s height and weight. Very small babies should be placed in a car seat that offers optimal neck support and harness; while an older child can be seated in a booster seat. The Baby Auto Dupla Fix is a car seat that offers the right safety and comfort for children across the ages of 0 to 12 years old, making it an economical choice for parents who drive. With full ISO-Fix installation that automatically locks your car seat in place and fully reclinable seat, it offers both safety and comfort for its passenger. 

Feeding Essentials

Whether you are a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mum, having the right feeding essentials can make your outdoor experience easier. For babies who nurse on the breast, all you need is a nursing cover to breastfeed discreetly on-the-go - just ensure that the nursing cover is breathable and lightweight to provide good ventilation for both the mother and baby. If you are expressing your milk, it can be helpful to check out available nursing rooms around the location you are visiting in advance as this can reduce the stress of having to find one when you need it. Alternatively, you may consider getting a portable breast pump that is small and lightweight which allows you to express on the go - just slip on the nursing cover and go!

A portable bottle warmer is a useful equipment that allows you to warm up your formula or breast milk. There are many types and designs in the market, so look for one that suits your lifestyle needs or preferences.

Travel Further with Palette Box

At Palette Box, we help you and your baby travel further and with ease. Our wide selection of travel gear lets you achieve maximum mobility and convenience no matter where you are going. If you are travelling on an airplane with a baby, the Deryan Air-Traveller is a choiced solution that offers you flexibility and comfort for your little one. With a simple click, you can change the seat into a mattress that allows your baby to nap without distractions. Or try the Deryan Ultralight 2 Sec Pop Up Travel Cot to convert your holiday bed into one that is familiar to your baby. 

With high quality products and stringent safety standards, we offer the best travel gear for parents and babies in Singapore. While there has not been much holidaying after 2019 due to the global pandemic, borders today are increasingly reopening. Make travelling safe, comfortable and efficient with top international brands and enjoy free shipping with orders of $75 and more

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