Make Singapore’s National Day Fun for Your Kids
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Make Singapore’s National Day Fun for Your Kids

National Day is celebrated every 9th of August in Singapore. It’s a public holiday that all Singaporeans observe to commemorate Singapore’s independence from British colonisation in August 1963. In September 1963, Singapore joined the Federation of Malaysia in September 1963. After two years, the country left the federation and achieved its sovereignty on the 9th of August 1965.

Singaporeans celebrate this memorable day starting the last week of July and throughout the entire month of August. Festivities such as carnivals, fireworks, parades, and concerts are some ways all of whom live in Singapore honour this day. The National Day Parade is an annual celebration that features various performances from bands and Singapore’s National Servicemen. This year, the celebration’s theme is “Stronger Together, Majulah!” and will also coincide with the Singapore National Service’s 55th anniversary.

Celebrating Singapore National Day at Home

Although crowds are expected to gather on Singapore National Day because of the upcoming festivities, you can still celebrate it with your kids at home. Take this opportunity to show your kids the beauty of Singapore and its history through fun and creative activities with the kids that you can easily do indoors.

1. Make Red and White-themed Desserts

One way to make National Day festive with the kids is to make red and white-themed desserts. The recipes don’t have to be too complicated. Simply select recipes that you and your kids can follow easily and include ingredients that you can easily find in the supermarket. 

For example, the classic white chocolate-covered strawberries recipe only needs fresh strawberries and white chocolate. Wash and dry the strawberries thoroughly and set them aside. Use a microwave-safe bowl to melt the white chocolate and stir every 30 seconds. Prepare your serving plate lined with a baking sheet and dip each strawberry into the white chocolate and set them aside. And Voila! You and your kids are all set to enjoy a delicious dessert! 

You can also try making strawberries and cream popsicles that are perfect for Singapore’s hot weather. A simple version of this recipe only needs plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, and water. You can also add honey and lime juice for added sweetness if your little ones have a sweet tooth. To make some mouth-watering popsicles, blend frozen strawberries and water to create a smoothie-like consistency - add the honey and lime juice to adjust the taste. Alternately pour your plain yogurt and strawberry puree into popsicle molds and freeze them for 3 to 4 hours or until the popsicles are completely frozen. Pop them out of the molds and enjoy!

Aside from having the opportunity to bond with your children, making a dessert with them can help improve a variety of skills. These recipes involve mixing and pouring ingredients, which can be beneficial for improving your child’s motor skills. Decorating the strawberries and layering the mixtures for the popsicle allows the kids to create patterns and designs, which can hone their creativity and imagination.

2. Create Red and White-themed Arts and Crafts

You can also spend Singapore National Day preparing crafting or drawing activities for the kids. Teach your kids how to draw the Singapore flag or make a Singapore flag collage out of red and white paper. If you have bigger kids, try more advanced crafts such as a DIY Red Lion Parachute reminiscent of the Singapore National Day Parade.

To create the  DIY Red Lion Parachute, you need a paper plate, string, and crayons or paint. Cut the paper plate in half and decorate it using your red and white colouring materials. Punch two holes on the bottom left and right side of the plate and thread the string through the holes. Tie each end of the string to secure a knot. Attach a paper doll or any lego figure to the end of the string to complete your parachute.

3. Watch the National Day Parade on Television

The National Day Parade is an annual event, which will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay this year. This event is always televised and it’s the perfect alternative if you and your family cannot attend the parade. Enjoy watching the parade in the comforts of your own home and revel in the different performances and, of course, the fireworks display. You can visit the NDP website to learn more about the National Day Parade events.

4. Play Pretend Using Toys at Home

Public holidays are an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. Playing pretend is one of the best ways to bond with your little one and encourage creativity and let their imagination go wild. You’d be surprised how a colourful play curtain can be so much fun for children. Allow your kids to pretend like they are confectioners running their own sweets shop or recreate your own National Day Parade at home using the crafts you made. By using your imagination, the possibilities of having fun are endless!

5. Have a Room Makeover

Public holidays mean you get a lot of time on your hands. You can celebrate Singapore National Day with the kids by utilising your free time to revamp your kids’ room. If your children have outgrown their bedroom furniture, it’s time to change! If your child outgrew the single bed, maybe it’s time to find a children’s loft bed with a study area from a trusted furniture company in Singapore. You can also add a study desk and chair under the loft bed to maximise the space. If you have multiple children, a double decker bed is a great way to not only give the kids’ bedroom a makeover without purchasing two separate beds but also make room for your growing child.

Make National Day this year more meaningful by spending time with your family. These simple yet enjoyable activities are rare chances to create bonding moments with your children. Happy Singapore National Day from Palette Box!

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