Redesign Your Kids Room This Festive Season
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Redesign Your Kids Room This Festive Season

Chinese New Year is an exciting time where people around the world celebrate the turn of a new year. It is also an exuberant time where we spring clean to change up the old and bring in the new. New clothes, new me – how about a new look for your home? 

If you’re looking to revamp your home this festive season, you’re in luck. Here, we share tips on how you can redesign your home, specifically the kids room, to usher in the lunar new year. 

Why Should I Redesign the Room?

There are times in the past year where you probably wished something about your home was different. It can be in the form of wanting to add more functional furniture, or changing up the room design. The same goes for the kids bedroom. As your children grow older, their needs evolve accordingly. A newborn may not need much space but a toddler is a whole different story. 

Redesigning the kids room allows you to create a favourable environment for them to grow. At the same time, you can also bond with your kids as you refresh the space together.

Babies and Toddlers

If you have a new baby on the way, it’s time to convert the spare bedroom into a nursery. Start by having a vision of the room, and then work out how to build the space around it. One quick and simple solution is to choose a theme – such as a safari. With this theme, you can then choose a colour palette and start putting the pieces together. 

Creating a feature wall can also make the room more welcoming and lively. Choose a wallpaper that fits the theme, or hang decoration items on the wall such as lighting fixtures or even growth charts.

The kids room should be cosy for both the child and parents, so opt for functional furniture pieces such as a well-placed chest of drawers to keep all newborn essentials within reach. You can also place an armchair to allow mum to breastfeed comfortably.

Remember that babies grow fast, so it’s a good idea to go for a convertible cot that grows with your child. Suitable from birth to about 6 years old, the Palette Box Sweet Dreams Avant Garde 10-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot is a baby bed that can be converted into a side sleeper or toddler bed as the months go by. It comes with an Anti-Colic System (ACS) and adjustable heights to ensure your baby gets the most comfortable sleep within. 

The days may be long but the nights are short – so it’s important to focus on choosing the right furniture that encourages good sleep and comfort for your little one.

Older Children

When it comes to designing a kids room for older children, the requirements are markedly different. You’ll need to consider how your child will be using the space, especially if they are also doing their homework or other activities within.

Identify where your child will sleep, play and study. The sleeping space should be an enclave that is comfortable without distractions to encourage a restful sleep. Provide ample storage spaces for the play area as toys can get cluttered and leave the room messy-looking. Lastly, the study area should be bright and conducive for doing their schoolwork. 

Choose bed frames that are sturdy enough for a growing child. The Manis-h Kids Single Bed is made of solid beech wood providing a sturdy frame for support, and the side rails are made of high-quality strong MDF which lends a beautiful finish. This ensures that the entire unit is ultra-durable and will last a long time. 

You can also create extra storage space for toys and other knick-knacks with the Manis-h Kids 2-Door Cupboard. While compact enough to fit under a loft bed, it also comes with a generous space. Its minimalist and Scandinavian design also makes it easy to fit into most decor themes. 

Add a matching Manis-h Kids Adjustable Desk to complete the look of the room and provide a clever area for study. You can easily adjust the angle of the desk’s top and even change the height of the table. With a modular design, a side table or drawer can also be placed beneath the desk. 

Modular Kids Room Furniture at Palette Box

Instead of having to change up the kids room furniture each time your child reaches the next milestone, opt for furniture pieces that can grow with him instead. At Palette Box, you’ll find a wide variety of bedroom and nursery furniture that are designed with the evolving needs of children in mind. Apart from cribs, storage cabinets and desks, there are loft beds, single beds, and even accessories like mattresses and bedding sets from top international brands. 

Palette Box is committed to helping parents create a safe and functional space for their kids. With modular and customisable furniture, you can create a dream room design for your children. Looking to redesign the kids room this Chinese New Year? Schedule a showroom visit to try out our products, or start shopping at our online store and enjoy free shipping above $75 by using ‘SGFREE’ when you checkout. 

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