Room for Two: Siblings Sharing a Room
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Room for Two: Siblings Sharing a Room

For a city that is as land scarce as Singapore, space is a hard thing to come by. This is especially true for families with multiple children. Putting your children in the same room can be scary - there may be sibling quarrels and the constant vying for personal space. However, with a cleverly designed shared space, the kids room can be transformed into an enclave that is both practical and comfortable. Here, we share some ideas on how you can create an optimal layout for your children.

Type of Bedding

Before you start buying furniture, consider the ages of your children. Young children are easier to plan for. They take up less space and can co-sleep with just a simple bunk bed. Older children, on the other hand, may require a bigger distinction in their sleeping arrangements. For them, you may wish to opt for single beds that are placed on opposite sides to create a wider area for their own activities. 

Modular bed systems like our Manis-H collection allows you to customise the style and design of your children’s beds. With the ToGrow Kit, you can easily add on accessories to convert a single bed to a bunk or loft bed, and vice versa. With this system, you don’t need to change up your children’s furniture every time they grow bigger. 

Divide the Space

Apart from just choosing the right beds, you can also divide the space so that each child has their own area to study or play. This can also help them to respect each other by asking for permission before using someone else’s things, and not to clutter the entire bedroom with their belongings. If the space allows, provide each child with their own study table and chairs so that they can have their own peace and quiet without having to fight for space. 

Let Personality Shine

While you may have your own ideas on how to decorate the children’s room, it may be worthwhile to let them have a hand in designing their own areas. Get your children to choose their preferred colour palettes - two-toned nurseries and kids rooms are all the rage these days! 

To create a sleeping nook that is truly personalised, let them pick out their own wall decor such as posters or decals. They can also decorate their beds with fun accessories such as these play curtains. Letting each child put their own finishing touches on their part of the room is also a good way to let their personalities shine through.

Create a Shared Space

Siblings who are sharing a room may end up fighting over a common item or area. Help your children learn to live together by creating a shared zone or clearly specifying which toys, furniture or item should be common property. Introduce team building activities such as playing with Lego blocks or arts and crafts. This will teach them to compromise and develop their communication skills. 

Storage Rules

Your children do not only need to share toys - having shared storage space for toys and books can also help them learn to be mindful and respectful of each other. Provide them with ample storage space and help them understand the importance of keeping their things away after use. Apart from learning to divide storage fairly, they can also pick up important life skills such as being responsible for the hygiene and neatness of their bedroom. 

The Manis-h Kids Wardrobe is the perfect solution for siblings sharing a room. With a storage system that is tailored to individual needs, it is a fuss-free way of giving your children the space they need to keep their own knick-knacks. 

Room for Two or More

It may be hard for adult children who are, say, 21 and 15 years old, to share the same room, but this can still be achieved with proper planning. Siblings who spend time together in the same room will likely develop a closer bond. It is also easier to seek comfort and security from each other whenever they feel sad or have trouble falling asleep. For parents, the onus is on them to create a relaxing and comfortable environment that they can call their own, while still maintaining their own privacy.

From beds that can grow with each child to adjustable study desks, Palette Box provides space-conscious and modular children furniture for siblings who share rooms. Schedule a showroom visit to try out the options for yourself today.

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