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Bedside Cot in Singapore

Your newborn baby requires a lot of attention, especially in the first 6 months of his life. As a new parent, sleeping apart from your baby can cause unwanted stress and worry - but co-sleeping is also not ideal as the risk of sleeping accidents is higher. What’s the best solution, then? Introducing bedside cots, the easiest way to achieve the best of both worlds. At Palette Box, we offer a comprehensive range of cribs that mums and dads can place right beside their own beds, allowing easy access whenever they need to.

Benefits of Bedside Cots

Bedside cots have become popular in Singapore due to the benefits they offer. They are a safe and practical alternative to co-sleeping, offering up the same benefits while allowing your little one to have his own separate space. There are several other benefits besides this.

1. Convenient Feeds

Apart from the constant diaper changes, a newborn baby will also need to drink milk once every few hours. As tired parents, you may be reluctant to leave the bed to tend to your child. A bedside crib allows you to reach your baby easily, and pop him back when you’re done. With little disruptions, you can doze right back to sleep once you’re done with the feeding.

2. Facilitate Bonding

We all know that keeping your baby close creates closeness and fosters a stronger bonding. Instead of trying to fall asleep in another room, your newborn will take comfort in the fact that mum and dad are nearby. Cherish the little moments whenever you can, and rise to the occasion easily when you need to comfort your fussy baby. With your bub and you having your own spaces to stir and move, everyone will enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

3. Find Bedside Cots in Singapore

If you’re in the market for a bedside crib, look no further than what we have to offer. Committed to your baby’s safety, our bedside cots meet the stringent requirements of safety tests. The Mother’s Love Bed is an ultra-portable and ultra-compact version of a bedside sleeper that is designed for the wellbeing of both parents and baby. With soft cushioned padding all round, this is the perfect option for breastfeeding mothers in Singapore. Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your precious bub is well protected within the cocoon, and relish in the easy access the cot provides.

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