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Cosleeping Crib & Baby Cot in Singapore

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Waking up constantly to check on your baby can be taxing, especially if your baby is sleeping in another room. This is why the use of a cosleeping cot is popular amongst many parents in Singapore. This portable and versatile product provides a multitude of benefits, making its way into the top of the list of baby essentials to prepare for a newborn baby.

At Palette Box, you’ll find a wide collection of cosleeping cribs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They fit right into any nursery or bedroom in Singapore, and provide a slew of important features to make your parenting journey easier.

Choosing a Cosleeping Crib

Cosleeping not only fosters a deeper bond between the child and his parents - it also allows you to enjoy a less disrupted sleep. Since a newborn spends most of his time sleeping, it’s extremely important to look for a cosleeping crib that fits him and your lifestyle perfectly. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best one for your baby.

1. Safety

First and foremost, a good cosleeper should provide utmost security and protection for your precious little child. Wooden cots with pull-down side gates should be sturdy and constructed with safety in mind. Choose those that allow you to adjust the height of the base, and does not have parts that will cause injury. If you’re opting for a smaller bedside crib instead, look out for ones that are constructed with breathable fabric to prevent suffocation. Our MOOB Baby Abby Anti-Colic System (ACS) 5-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot not only allows you to control the height, but also the inclination of the base to help with colic issues.

2. Functionality

If you’re breastfeeding, consider a cosleeping cot that gives you convenient access to your baby. The Mother’s Love Baby Bed is a compact portable bassinet that is designed to keep your newborn baby securely in place while you sleep, and also allows you to easily reach out to him when you need to. The sturdy side protection also prevents rollover accidents, giving you and your baby your own personal space without the need to be separated from one another.

3. Hygiene

Wooden cots are waterproof and allows you to wipe down the surface efficiently, and most fabric cosleeping cribs come with a removable cover for easy washing. With all the constant cleaning due to diaper accidents and spit ups, these features will go a long way in easing your already hefty workload. You can also consider installing a waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress well-protected.

Browse Cosleeping Cots at Palette Box

At Palette Box, we are committed to helping parents find the best products for their little ones. Parenting can be challenging, but the right equipment and tools allow you to enjoy a fuss-free experience and leave you with more time to spend with your baby. As experts in babycare, we carry a wide range of top international brands that are trusted by people all around the world.

Looking for a cosleeping cot for your new arrival? Let our team identify the best solutions for you. Contact us or book an appointment to visit our showroom in Singapore today.

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