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About Hoppekids

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Children’s rooms with heart and soul

To us, a child’s room is so much more than a room full of furniture. It’s the safe base from which your child explores the world, learns about big and small things and let their imagination run free. It’s also the place where your child finds peace and comfort and where the good sleep plays an important part.

Hoppekids’ mission is to create safe, imaginative and flexible furniture which can fit into any children’s room. A child’s room isn’t merely a room with furniture in it, just as children’s furniture isn’t just things fulfilling a practical need.

Children’s furniture must be able to serve as a spaceship, fairytale castles, adventurous caves, workspaces and a cosy reading nook. They must be suitable for playtime – both alone and with friends – learning and sleep. At the same time they must be so safe and durable, that Junior will have a loyal companion throughout all of childhood’s adventures.

Our bed systems include single beds, loft beds, loft beds with slides, bunk beds, high beds and other furniture

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BASIC is the most popular beds and accessories put together in a cost-conscious collection. The design is simple and light, which adds an elegant touch to any room. The BASIC collection is for anyone who is looking for a simple choice and only wants a selection of possibilities for future modification.

A good collection of the most popular models

In BASIC you can find the most popular beds, such as the practical junior bed, the fun halfhigh bed – with or without a slide, the cozy canopy bed or the cleverly designed high bed with a desktop and lots of floor space underneath.

Most of the models in BASIC are modular. This means that the bed is built using a junior bed as a base with a module attached to it. For instance, if you purchase a halfhigh bed you would be able to use it both as a junior bed and as a halfhigh bed, because the module is easy to attach or remove. A small selection of beds is also available in a non-divisible and cost-conscious edition.

hoppekids basic bed system

PREMIUM is the luxury collection with higher comfort, even better security, better durability and an almost infinite selection of beds and accessories. PREMIUM has a lifetime warranty on manufacturing errors and a 5-year availability guarantee on all beds and accessories. The collection is for anyone who is looking for top quality and who would like to be able to modify the bed as their child grows.

The flexibility is your freedom

PREMIUM is an extremely flexible and durable system. All designs take their point of departure in the junior bed and add modules and accessories to build the bed. This gives you the freedom to select and reject, change your mind and rebuild as often as you please.

The strong focus on security, comfort and quality is particularly obvious in the selection of premium quality accessories. You can purchase a thicker mattress, our slatted bed base in molded wood, a plethora of security rails as well as a slanted ladder with profiles on the steps for a more secure and easier climb. The flexibility in the collection and the durability on the beds enable PREMIUM to serve as a “hand me down” to younger siblings whilst maintaining that special feeling of getting a new and personalized bed.

hoppekids premium bed system

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