Project Samples - Graphic Design
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Project Samples - Graphic Design

Hi Candidate. Thank you for your interest in joining our team as part of the graphic design team. The reason for these tests below is to let you have a feel of what you will be doing and if you are able to enjoy and perform up to expectations.

Please choose to complete at least one of the tests. You may choose to complete more to showcase your talent better. Please send the finished work to and we will discuss further.

Thank you
Gabriel, co-founder

Design Test 1 (Web Site Design Competency)

- create 3 different collection graphic for the website for (Baby Cots, Baby Mattress, Kids Modular Beds)

Example of a graphic is shown below

Design Test 2 (Graphic Design / Illustration Competency)

- Refer to this link below for a product
- Create infographic(s) or graphics to illustrate the Key features
1. 3 adjustable heights
2. Special removable nylon castor wheels
3. Non-toxic water-based paint
4. Premium New Zealand pint wood

Design Test 3 (Graphic Design / Illustration Competency)

- Refer to this image below
- Recreate a similar mattress blowout graphic with the following layers 
1. Premium Patented Anti-Viral Cooling Cover
2. 5cm Grid
3. 5cm 100% Natural Latex
4. Individual Pocketed Spring Coils
5. Transition Foam

Design Test 4 (Social Media Graphic Design Competency)

- Refer to this image below
- Design a 1080x1080px Instagram graphic for a "30% Sale for 10.10"
- More information can be found here.

Design Test 5 (Social Media Motion Graphic Design Competency)

- Refer to this image below
- Design a mindblowing 1080x1080px Instagram Motion graphic for a the Liverpool FC gaming chair to capture attention for conversions. You can be free to use stunning motions or colours.

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