How to Choose a Baby Cot and Mattress for Your Newborn
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How to Choose a Baby Cot and Mattress for Your Newborn

Putting together a nursery for your baby is one of the most important and inspiring parts of expecting a newborn baby. Apart from choosing a child-safe paint and selecting a shade that would look adorable for your nursery, creating a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your newborn is essential to the perfect nursery. Here’s how you can pick out the right baby cot and mattress for your little one:

Key Features When Looking Out for Baby Cots or Cribs

A baby cot or crib allows you to provide a safe space for your baby to sleep in. It should be a space where you can leave your baby to sleep without worrying about them accidentally falling off onto the floor or rolling over into a dangerous sleeping position. Ensuring a safe sleeping environment for your baby in this way can be helpful in reducing sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS

Some of the features you should look for in a baby cot include:

1. Safety

It's crucial to provide your baby with their own safe sleeping space. Babies are delicate and require extra care; therefore, you need to select a baby cot that's safe for them. 

What makes a baby cot safe? It should have a certain depth to prevent your baby from falling out. Your baby cot should be at least 30 cm deep from the upper base position and 50 cm deep from the lowest base position to ensure your child won't roll out of their cot or climb out of it when they're older.

You may be keen on co-sleeping during your baby's first six months; however, it's still best to purchase a convertible baby cot instead of allowing your child to sleep on your bed. With a convertible baby cot, you can co-sleep with your baby without worrying about the risks of sharing a bed. You can simply assemble the baby cot beside you so you can easily attend to your baby’s needs whenever you have to.

2. Size

Aside from safety, considering the size of your baby cot is also essential. Will it fit into your baby’s nursery? Will there still be room for other nursery essentials, such as the wardrobe and changing areas? Finding the right baby cot size is important to allow you to make the most out of the allotted nursery space.

3. User-Friendly

Look for a user-friendly baby cot, meaning you can quickly assemble it without complications. For example, you should be able to latch and unlatch the cot’s drop side without any trouble, or you should be able to easily convert the baby cot into a toddler crib once your baby reaches their toddler years.

You should also be able to use and operate the baby cot efficiently. A user-friendly convertible baby cot will enable you to easily reach your baby when they require feeding or a diaper change.

Key Features When Looking Out for Cot Mattresses

A baby cot mattress that is hypo-allergenic and has breathable fabric is recommended as babies still have soft and sensitive skin. In addition, you should also take these features into consideration when choosing a cot mattress for your baby:

1. Size

Choose a baby cot mattress that fits snugly in the crib. There should be no more than a 2-centimeter gap between the edges of the mattress and the side of the baby cot. Otherwise, your child might be at risk of suffering from suffocation when they accidentally roll over to the side.

2. Comfort

A baby cot mattress should be firm and comfortable, as a saggy or soft mattress can also be a suffocation hazard. When your baby rolls over a soft mattress at too young an age, it may cause them to suffocate as they are unable to flip themselves over yet. 

When it comes to the materials used for the baby cot mattress, you need to select one that’s safe on the baby’s skin. Some mattresses such as the King Koil OrthoGuard Baby 2 Dual Foam 4” Mattress are made with a cooling fabric that’s anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-dust mites, anti-mildew, and even International Chiropractic Association-approved. These types of mattresses are recommended for babies as they won’t cause any harm to sensitive baby skin.

Getting the Right Sleeping Equipment for Your Newborn 

We only want high-quality and practical nursery essentials for our babies, so we look for the right sleeping equipment. Aside from the features listed above, you also need to should consider finding a trusted baby cot and crib mattress manufacturer or supplier in Singapore. The top baby furniture brands that offer the best baby cots and mattresses in Singapore take time to research each of their products to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby. From the overall design to the additional safety features, leading baby cot manufacturers rely on heavy science-based research for parents to have peace of mind regarding their babies’ welfare.

Another factor you need to consider when searching for baby cots and mattresses is your budget. When you have a fixed budget to refer to, you can adequately allocate how much you’re willing to spend on each item for your baby’s room. Setting aside a budget for your nursery essentials is vital to avoid overspending on nursery furniture that is not practical.

Where to Find the Best Baby Cot and Crib Mattresses in Singapore

Where can you find practical and functional baby cots and crib mattresses in Singapore? At Palette Box, of course! If you’re planning on preparing your baby’s nursery, you can also read about our helpful tips on how to pick a wardrobe for your nursery

We help make shopping for nursery essentials easy for expecting parents. Browse through our baby cots, baby cot mattresses, and baby beddings catalogue to find suitable nursery furniture for your baby’s room. You can also schedule a showroom visit to view our products. Once you’ve found the right baby cot and mattress, place your orders with us and enjoy free Singapore-wide shipping for purchases above $75.

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